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GeoEcoGeo.com has been constructed to help students master the concepts presented in Mr. Roberts' Earth Science and GIS classes at Stoneham High School.  Students and parents can download coarse materials, check grades, see what homework has been assigned, and more.  PowerSchool will be used to post grades, homework assignments, and other important messages so all students and their parents are strongly encouraged to sign up.  Contact the Main Office of the High School for information on how to access PowerSchool.


Lesson plan handouts, assignments, and other course materials can be downloaded from this page.  The lesson plan handouts are vital to student success because they outline and present everything that the student will be tested on.  In these handouts, students will find the important lesson objectives, vocabulary terms, sample questions, internet links, notes, illustrations, articles, and more.  These handouts are also the heart of the student's notebook, which can be a significant portion of the student's overall grade.



Homework is typically assigned at the end of every class.  Students that are absent or have misplaced their agenda books can usually log into Canvas to view the current assignment.  Mr. Roberts will make every effort to keep these posts up to date, but students are still responsible for assigned homework even if the assignment is not posted online.  Homework assignments will always be announced during class.



Students and parents can log into PowerSchool to view current grades.  Mr. Roberts will make every effort to keep the grades up to date, but it may take several weeks for some grades to be posted online so please be patient. 



Students and parents can view a calendar of class-related events on Canvas.  Posted events will include project deadlines, test dates, and more, but not all important dates will be listed in this calendar.  Dates are subject to change due to unforseen occurences so students and parents should check the calendar often.  Every effort will be made to keep this calendar up to date, but students are ultimately responsible for keeping tracking of important dates that are established in class. 



This page provides a FeedWind RSS feed of current Earth Science news.  The list is compiled from science news sites such as ScienceDaily.com, NASA.gov, NationalGeographic.comScientificAmerican.com, Space.com, and more.  The feed is continuously updated.

Use the custom Google search below to help you find what you are looking for.

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